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About PLUS

In 1999, independent student representatives decided to form a union. They had had enough of a ÖH – Austrian Student Union –, which failed to cater to the needs of students and instead promoted the interests of political parties. That is why they formed the Plattform Unabhängiger Studierender (PLUS), a platform for those who want to make a difference without party affiliation We are not dependent on the support of political parties, but solely on us and the votes. By voting for us, it is ensured that students are represented by students which are independent of any political party. Anything is possible if we are working together.

Objectives and Ideas
Objectives and Ideas
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For fair Study Conditions

+ ECTS-Fairness

+ Lectors have to comply with study law

+ No knock-out exams

+ Evaluation and improvement of the curricula

Better Funding of the University

+ Social justice within the educational system

+ Sufficient public funding of higher education

Campus life, Service and Infrastructure

+ Improvement of the bus and rail connections

+ More working space + 24-hour book lending service

+ More e-books and online-journals in the library

+ Abolition of language barriers

+ Promotion of multilingualism

The university has to stay independent

+ Constructive team work instead of “political wrangling”

+ No political campaigning with your ÖH money

+ Expertise instead of party membership

+ No political intrigues